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    Newbie to prepping here in Cedar Rapids.

    The wife understands the reason but hard to get her excited, but our 5yr grandson who we adopted thinks it’s great to help Papa.

    Started on the food side with buying extra of things we like to eat. Looking at Augason Farms 1 month buckets and 3 month packs for bulking our supplies.

    Went with 9mm S&W M&P and Highpoint 995TS for firearms. 9mm is still fairly inexpensive online. JHP 115 grain for the pistol. FMJ 124 grain for the rifle.

    Got a 13 watt briefcase solar charger and a solar battery charger 9v – DD’s.
    Looking at a 100 – 200 watt panel system and 12v appliances that truckers use. Heck the rig my Brother in-law drives has everything including the kitchen sink.

    Tested and received my Amateur Tech license and bought a 2 meter Baofeng UV5R. Is there a Prepper HAM Net Group here in Cedar Rapids area? If not, any other HAM Preppers around I’d be willing to help start one up.
    The sure isn’t much traffic on the 2 meter band around here so plenty of freq space available.

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