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    If you ever find yourself in need of power and not a lot of money I will say that the ceiling fan motor to generator conversion is quick, cheap and easy to acquire since most homes that are being gutted or remodeled have ceiling fans in them these days. Although you have to buy or salvage the magnets to go in them it is doable in a pinch.

    I made a ceiling fan generator several months ago as a pedal power backup experiment to charge 12 volt batteries. I do not have adequate wind in my area to deploy it as a wind generator and although a treadmill motor was more desirable for the application I opted to see if a ceiling fan generator was as practical as it is being touted on the web.

    It was simple to make by following the excellent youtube videos. Up to speed and maxed out mechanically and electrically it can produce 120 volts at 3.4 amps. Not much if you want to immediately run appliances but enough to charge a 12 volt battery or two if connected to a wind power voltage regulator with a dump load. There also was much less cogging when spun it by hand than I expected which is a plus for emergency wind backup applications.

    I ordered 16 neodymium magnet cylinders 1/2 inch to put in the final version with output that I stated above. I also scrounged magnets from discarded electronics to put in the first version just to see if it could be done totally from what I had on hand or a SHTF situation. Both versions worked and although the scrounged magnets were better than nothing I must say the the neodymium magnets are much better.

    The only things I needed for the conversion to make the actual generator was a voltmeter, screwdriver, pliers, the fan, magnets, a strip of steel wall clock mainspring from an old broken clock, tin snips and JB weld to affix the magnets to the steel spring. It was as simple as that.

    I am in no way saying this is as good as a purpose built wind generator but if your primary ever fails after TSHTF you should have everything you need in your house or nearby to still be able to charge some batteries if you already have a charge controller with dump load capability.

    ** not this will not work in conjunction with a purely solar charge controller system, you need dump load capability.
    I need to add that the voltage I got was an unloaded test voltage. I didn’t have it hooked to anything…..

    Hope this may help someone if TSHTF someday

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