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    I hate prepper group ads. I have very little luck going this route. Here goes.

    Here’s all I’ll say: if you’re serious about meeting and committing to a new tribe, email me. Must be humble, honest about your strengths and weaknesses, have 6 months of shelf-stable food storage for each member of your family, your own “line gear,” (Google it) and be willing to learn new skills.

    If you just want to sit around and drink beer and talk about guns, I’m down for that, but you aren’t a candidate for our group.

    Most of you aren’t candidates. No offense. Start your own group and then let’s be friends. We can help each other.

    We’re not in Denver, we’re not in Colorado Springs, but if you live near either and are interested in finding a legit group that works, trains, and relaxes together, in a defensible rural location, what the heck, shoot me an email.

    johnhartnj at outlook dot com

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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