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    I’m in central FL and always looking for find others to prep with. We are mostly interested in those with skills and good work ethic. We are a small group with a lot of talent/skills. We don’t prep for the end of the world events but do prep for natural disasters and social disorder. Our plans involve BO mostly to a safe defendable land with food and water. Our first goal is to meet at a rally point and secure a convoy to either a local place or further depending on the scenario. For this we have ham radios, extreme security measures and large military vehicles (2.5 ton and soon a 5 ton truck) as well as trailers and other off road vehicles.

    Our group has physicians, nurses, ham radio operators, mechanics, vets and soldiers. We have many tools and machines needed for survival. We are all Christian by faith and hard working dependable people. We are looking for the same to add to the group. Nothing is required from you but you should be able have your own BOV and equipment. If you don’t have a BOV you can always jump in one of ours. However, we are looking for people to add to the group and not another mouth to feed. Families are welcome and encouraged as most of us have children. We are all easy to get along with but there is hierarchy. We don’t give out rank and there are no generals and colonels. Even our military officers in the group aren’t called by their rank.

    If you’re interested in meeting pm me and tell me a little about yourself and why you think you would be a good fit with our group.

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