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    Sure, I might be interested in a Cenla meetup. Maybe a picnic at Kincaid lake? Kinda hot, but those with kids can let them swim, and its a neutral location, I think. Unless nobody wants to be out in the heat.


    louisiana preppers is on facebook…found sum people there also….we cud talk alot easier there perhaps??


    Eh. I like apn. On Facebook, all your pics and family relations and stuff is there. I’m not comfy with some of my family knowing I prep. Apn is better for


    Our purposes.

    Darn phone tiny screen! Accidentally touched submit before I was ready.


    Just a few miles north of Alexandria here. Have a few contacts in Grant Parish. I am the first on the boards. Hope all we have to do is plan and prep.


    @islp55 wrote:

    Anyone else from Alexandria area on here? I know of some preppers from Campti area and farther south on other sites.

    From SouthCentral Louisiana! Do you know of these website addresses you were talking about so I can look at them.


    Do You Know of other prepper websites for South Central Louisiana?


    I’m not from Alex. but go there frequently visiting family. Would like to get to know someone there in case the SHTF while I’m there, or so my family would know someone there smart enough to prepare.


    Howdy neighbor! I didn’t think I would find any posters from CenLa but I guess since we are mostly all in the woods or close to it, it makes sense that there are a lot of people ready to hunker down. I’m from Lafayette. My husband is local, so I guess now I am country folk.


    I;m in Grant Parish. LIved in Cenla all my life except for a stint in the military and a year in Texas. Preppers in Cenla seem to keep a low profile.


    There’s already so many people who hunt and fish and garden here that you can hardly tell the preppers from the regular country folk. When I go to Petrus for feed, there’s no telling how many preppers I’m bumping elbows with. I love that place! Not many other feed stores sell chicks year round. And they know my order as soon as I walk in the door.

    It’s good to see new Cenla coming onboard. Quite a few of us now.

    I tried to get people together a while back, but nobody really wanted to. If that ever changes, let me know.

Viewing 11 posts - 16 through 26 (of 26 total)
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