Central North Dakota group and a BOL.

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    I am currently interested in joining or helping to start a preppers mutual assistance group in central N.D. Currently their is a group that is forming and it is just starting out and quite small. Speaking for myself I like people from all over the country, and the world for that matter, as I am sure most in the group do, but if you are not currently in N.D., or very near the border, this would probably not be the best group for you. If you are planning on moving to N.D. great, but it’s hard to meet and make a lot of plans until AFTER you have arrived and found a place to stay. I don’t think we want the wanna-be Rambo types either. In my opinion this group would be looking for people who are like minded, want to be prepared for as many potential problems as possible, have some skills or assets to contribute to the group, and can practice good opsec.

    A little info about myself. I am a married man, early 40’s. I spent 4 years in the army airborne infantry (11C1P). I have 8 years experience in law enforcement as well. I grew up hunting, and camping, and loved shooting and learned how to reload when I was young also. My wife is in her late 30’s, and she has a lot of medical training. Our 4 children range in age from 8-15.

    I myself currently have a BOL in central N.D. (less than 1/2 tank of gas drive from my home), that is approx. 4 1/2 acres with a well (there is also a small portion of a larger pond jutting into my property). There is a large quonset hut with a cement floor that’s in pretty good shape, and a few other small wooden buildings. It also has several grain bins that I usually rent out. I would like to take most of the buildings down, except the quonset, and a couple grain bins maybe. It is surrounded by farmland, there are some shelter belts in the distance as well, and the closest town about 1/2 mile a way is VERY small, less than 100 residents, who are mostly farmers and their families. It is fairly flat, but I would still like to do a little landscape to it and plant what would basically be a large garden. I would like to keep the small pond area with the cattails, as it attracts ducks and geese, also deer like to occasionally like to bed down in the cattails. I would also like to get some bee hives and maybe a greenhouse on it. I was also thinking about perhaps planting the perimeter with some trees and bushes to help keep wind out and make a bit more shelter for pheasants and grouse. This is unfortunately something that isn’t going very fast since I still have 4 kids in school with activities all year long not to mention a 90 mile drive 1 way just to get there. Anybody in the central N.D. area interested in putting in some labor in helping me get it fixed up as a fully proper BOL, would certainly earn a fair amount of the fruits of that labor, and in a SHTF scenario, the quonset hut could house several people, especially if it was to get some interior design makeovers before hand. Anyone serious about joining the group or helping feel free to PM me, or join the Central N.D. Mutual Support Group site. http://www.ndmsg.webs.com


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