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    FEMA’s new CERT Liability Guide presents the benefits of risk management for CERT programs, including building confidence and a positive public image for the program, reducing the cost of insurance and avoiding other costs, helping to preserve a local program’s investment in its members, and increasing overall participation in CERT.

    The Guide also presents five steps to effective risk management for local CERT programs: 1) Securing leadership support; 2) Collecting information to identify liability exposure; 3) Identifying and analyzing risks; 4) Adopting strategies to manage risk; and, 5) Adopting standard practices for ongoing risk management. Specific activities and considerations are described under each of the five steps.

    Local CERT programs that consistently follow the process described in the new Guide can benefit themselves, their sponsors, their members, and the community. Download the 98-page CERT Liability Guide at http://www.citizencorps.gov/cert/sup_information.shtm

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