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    I have been on the waiting list for a CERT class near me. Just got this email yesterday and replied this morning. For any of our Georgia Preppers close enough to want to take this training (and I hear we get a cool ‘go bag’ when we finish) you need to contact Christy ASAP to gain admission in this class. I have listed the info below:

    Hi- I’m Christy and I am sending you this email because you have sent in an application wanting to take the CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) training course. I hope you are all still interested! This training is very interesting, helpful, and really a lot of fun, and you are guaranteed to meet some interesting people amongst yourselves and especially our instructors! We have our next class scheduled as a ‘day class’ for October 18-20, 2011, the day class set up runs from roughly 8am to 5pm for those 3 days, typically the last day you are finished earlier than 5pm. Class will be held at the Emergency Management Office in McDonough.
    If you are available and want to attend this 3 day session please email or call me and let me know, as I will be compiling a class roster as responses come in. Also feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about the dates, class set up, or training, I will be happy to assist you in anyway possible.
    I can’t wait to see you all in class!!
    Thank you,

    Christy Berry
    EMA Accounts Administrator
    Email cmccart@co.henry.ga.us

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