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    I wanted to give you all a quick heads up, that there are about to be some MAJOR changes to the forum as a whole.

    The forum owner, along with the senior moderators are working on a reorganization, to return APN to its original prepping focus. It will be a great place to learn different prepping skills and trade ideas — what works and what doesn’t. Along these lines you can expect to see the extraneous areas go away. Frankly, folks don’t always care why you are prepping, they are looking for information on how to provide heat in the winter if there is an outage for one reason or another.

    The goal is to provide an organized area to find information easily, without having to sift through hundreds of misc. posts. You can expect the state forums to become streamlined too. If the topic is covered on the main forum, we will be moving the thread to the main board. For example, if someone starts a thread about food, it will be moved out of PA and over to the food section on the main forum. You can ‘liken it to reorganizing a filing cabinet — food files go in the food drawer, not the PA drawer.

    I hope you like the changes coming.

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