Charging Cell Phone Issues

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    I own an Eton Red Cross Emergency Weather Radio combo that also will charge a cell phone by dyno (cranking).
    Recently I bought a new cell that came with a power cord which fits in the port of the radio, pretty excited to finally put this hand cranking to the test. Figure it might be handy to do a practice run.
    The Eton didn’t come with the cord which was a big disappointment.

    Sunday, my cell went dead so I decided I would do a timed practice run of charging my SamSung flip phone. Being Sunday meant I was off duty on my two home care cases, my Mom was here @ our home for Sunday dinner so no need to be by a phone, and while I had chores galore to do it was Sunday I could devote time to this experiment.

    1516 – Let the cranking begin !
    1538 – After about 20 minutes there was two bars on the phone, my arm was starting to think about becoming fatigue.
    1539 – occurred to me to turn my cell off so it would charge quicker (not the sharpest tool in the shed on that Sunday).
    1557 – Cell turned itself on. I turned it off. My arm is fatigued.
    1601 – Cell again turned itself back on, I turned it off.
    1604 – Cell back on, I realized that it went from two bars to one bar.
    1613 – Cell back on, I turned it off, cell back on ….
    1617 – Realized that hand cranking a cell phone back to life is gonna be a more tiring than I thought. Also that my new cell could very well be 👿
    1619 – cried uncle & plugged cell into the grid.

    Anyone have any thoughts on why the cell phone kept turning back on ?

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