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    There are 3 preppers Chat rooms available.

    Wolfe’s Den is the most popular and you will find that link in the middle of the upper blue menu bar. :thumbup:

    Felinae’s Lounge is right next to Wolfe’s Den. Men can attend that chat room, but it’s Ladies Rules. :shakeyes:

    AJax chat. There is an AJAX chat in the light blue menu bar right next to the calendar link.

    If Felinae’s lounge and AJAX chat are empty feel free to stop in at Wolfe’s Den, there is normally someone there all day. Evenings are busiest around 7:00PM pacific time.

    There are a great group of regulars that attend these chat rooms and they are welcoming of newbies, so don’t be shy. :clap:

    No Flaming. Be respectful of each other. Even if you are smarter than everyone, don’t act like a Know-It-All. :shakeno: If you don’t like one room, use one of the others…Most of all have fun! :wave:

    If you ever have a problem with one of the chat rooms feel free to email me at

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