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    Thought i would take a min to say Hi there . I am quite taken with your site and glad there is a place for like minded people to ponder ideas with. Seems talking to my “family” is a waste of time and when the time comes and it will , i more than likely will be on my own. And as sad as that sounds; there is a peace in knowing who my assets and libalities will be. It may sound a bit cold but less stress is best. I ‘m not a very good hand holder or cheerleader. Leadership abilites are a must and i’m the only one with a backbone in my family. I’m prepping …there not. I’m thinking and thay are laughing. Sometimes i wonder why some people don’t just have this natural gut instinct that say’s “pay attention…..wake up!!” Then there are you guys who have your Mental war paint on . And you eyes are as sharp as your wepons. You SEE the world around you and are alert. I have been very leary of the whole online thing but i see now that adapting to a new family isn’t going to be hard. It will be more of an adventure. The whole reason for joining up” Prepping for one” will come in handy for me. I appreciate the diligence . Thank you,Tango

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