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    Time for a check in for me. I have been prepping for almost 2 years now. When I say that I feel like I have accomplished nothing, so I like to check in here every so often for tips and updates. I really have found this site to be a valuable source of information. I have constant questions, so let me know if you have input on my questions. So here is what I have been up to:

    Working on completing my transition from a 2 week food supply to a 90 day food supply. I am at 1500 calorie a day diet for the 4 of us, but my goal is 2000 calories a day for 6 people to accommodate a couple of people that I anticipate showing up. I know a standard current diet is 2000 calories, but does anyone know what a recommendation for post SHTF diet is taking into account the need to conserve food and also the increased activity level?

    Meeting some neighbors. This has been tough for the past several years as we live in a rural area and have had some turn over in neighbors. Met neighbors about 2 miles away that have a small heard of beef cows and enough chickens that they sell excess eggs. Super excited to have a source of fresh eggs! No more store bought for this home! Plus, they have the property at one of only ways to access out property. New neighbors in the adjacent property are very friendly and have a child close to my youngest age.

    Getting reacquainted with my sewing machine. Also scored a massive amount of scrap cloth for sewing projects. Does anyone have a good source for patterns that would be useful for post SHTF?

    Reorganized the long term, non-perishable preps. I need ideas on the best way to store toilet paper in a more compact way. It just takes up too much of my limited space.

    Been scouting out a couple of like minded individuals. Two prospects, but one seems to be all bullets and no beans. Trying to figure out how to convince him to put a little balance in his preps.

    Saving up some cash for some much larger purchases. I need some suggestions on priority items for a family of 4 (2 children). So, what are the top 3 purchases you would make within a $1000 budget. We have lots of consumables, but not much else.

    Thanks everyone for your input!

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