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    Greetings and Salutations!

    As my handle might suggest, I am an amateur Blacksmith by hobby, and a 20 year veteran of the IT industry by profession. Before that, I was a soldier in Uncle Sam’s Army, up to and including the first few months of the Persian Gulf War.

    My personal interests in preparedness are survival (of course) and then of having a life, after the ‘event’. My preparedness extends to my father and step-mother having purchased a piece of property in South-Central Kentucky that can and will provide us with a place to live and grow. One of the shortcomings I have seen, many times, with people prepping is an absence of plans for AFTER surviving. Yes, we all have plans of our gardens, our own small fortresses of homes and barns and such. But very few of us have stated any actual plans of what we plan to do, beyond growing/hunting enough food for ourselves and helping others with the excess. So my prepping extends to beyond surviving an event or series of events, but to also doing something to help rebuild a society and a localized economy. I intend to do this through the use of several tools I have either built or purchased. The first is my blacksmith shop/forge. An agreement with a local auto junkyard should keep me heavily supplied with metals of all types for a wide variety of uses. The second is a portable saw mill for creating building lumber. And finally, a wide assortment of manual and electric, but convertible, tools for a full cabinet/woodsmithing/carpentry shop.

    Anyway, that is me and my plans, in a nutshell.

    – AB

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