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    I found this story earlier:

    The parents of an Idaho boy injured by a government-planted cyanide “bomb” have filed a petition calling on the White House to ban the controversial devices, used for decades by the Agriculture Department to control predators.

    Here are the specifics on the device:

    Doubt these are used in my area, but I was surprised a hazardous chemical agent like cyanide would be deployed for pest management in a projectile form, almost like a landmine. As the top story proves, the public can be exposed. Or someone with ill-intent could get access to these items.

    Personally I think chemical projectors should be banned and instead more traditional methods should be used to cull predatory species. But while they remain in use, this could be a hazard to watch out for in a SHTF future, especially if the spider hole crowd or others re-purpose it.

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