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    I love good chilli, good Home Made Chilli. Many years ago while in a budget survival mode it was a frequent mainstay that I made in large batches. Unlike some left overs, this one for me was very tolerable, especially with REAL salads, sides and extra entrees. One year I had a lot of homemade Jerky (Elk and Deer) so I decided to try it in Chilli. I used a VERY sharp, sturdy, meat knife to cut the Jerky strips into bite sized pieces and added it along with the fried ground Beef. It probably does not matter much what animal the Jerky is made from (no jokes or nonsense here please) Large mammals only. It turned out very well for me. Any Chilli LOVERS out there who would like to share your favorite chilli Recipes on here? As the Jerky rehydrates of course it swells up and becomes much easier to chew and swallow. I was sad when my jerky ran out for the year. 🙂 Lifelong

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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