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    Instead of throwing away outdated items I take them home to experiment with. This week I used some baking chocolate from 2009 to make fudge. I use the recipe for melting 18 oz of semisweet chocolate chips in one can of sweetened condensed milk. This time I used some unsweetened baking chocolate and some sweet german baking chocolate from 2009. I threw away some 2009 semi sweet. It had lost most of its chocolate color and looked nasty. Instead I made up the difference with some newer good looking semi sweet baking chocolate. The result tastes pretty good. Its not my best stuff, but that may be due to using unsweetened and sweetened as much as the age of it. My best tasting fudge is when I use all 18 oz of dark semi sweet chips. This batch is good enought to satisfy my taste for chocolate after a meal. I don’t like the taste or the ingredients of cheap chocolate, and I can hardly believe the prices of the good stuff these days. This batch of 2009 chocolate will last me quite a while. I have some fresher ingredients to use when its gone.

    I learn a lot from working with expired stuff. I now know that sweetened condensed milk eventually thickens to a solid with age. The taste seems to be okay, but I don’t need to use it like that. If that was all I had, I’m sure I could find a way to eat it. If I was hungry enough, I could eat it with a spoon right out of the can.

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