Christmas Dinner

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    I hope every one enjoyed there Christmas especially dinner. We had broiled stakes about 1 and 1/2 inches thick. Baked potato, with all that goes with it. :yawn: time for a nap. We have enjoyed other meals at Christmas, Turkey, Ham, and a Standing rib roast. This year we were Turkeyed out, ( my computer said Turkeyed is not a word ) Ham is off the menu except in very limited amounts, Doctors ruin all the fun. Have you priced a Standing rib roast 😮 Just over $100.00 dollars, for one at COSTCO. about 18 pounds. I didn’t see it,I admit I was stand back admiring all the fine dears bent over. going through the meat display. ( ladies you may now call me a pig and other names, but this is the only reason we go shopping with you ) Back to the price of some of the finer cuts of meat. I don’t remember a roast being that high last year. Am I wrong ( about the price ) ? We did enjoy our dinner and I hope every one enjoyed theirs. Have a Merry, nap time……

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