Christmas Has Changed or Not?

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    I kept thinking about Christmas this year and what direction we would take. Normally, I invite a few family, a few friends over and usually end up with a house full.

    I think this year we are going to keep it simple with just a few family… we can’t really afford a big Christmas monetary wise…. we had thought that this year we MIGHT buy that new TV…. now it doesnt seem that important…..
    We will probably end up getting our Berkey water filter or our Grain Mill…
    However… as I was thinking on this… and getting semi-depressed about the lack of funds for all those little things about what makes Christmas special…. I realized…..

    I’m going to be perfectly happy with my sister and bil just being here…. we all love to play cards and games… we all love to cook and we all love to EAT!…. so.. I’m gonna keep it simple and enjoy good old-fashioned company and fun and remember that Love and Family are what really make the Holidays special…

    Our first anniversary is this Dec 24th…. and knowing that my DH and I have each other will be our biggest Christmas Gift to each other.

    Will you be having a bigger then usual Christmas this year while you can knowing that future ones will be all that much harder… or will you be scaling down a bit and buying more preps then usual as gifts?

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