Coffee ; Folgers and Maxwell House

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    Nowhere seems appropriate for this topic; so posting here, as I don’t do social networks.
    I am a 67 year old woman and used coffee all my life; I take daily senna leaves and have for years to perform, or I don’t go for days. Yep–it’s sad. 🙁

    How are they connected you ask??
    Gene bought name brand instant Nescafe and it was so bitter, I threw it in the trash….then, he brought home Folgers because DG wasn’t on the shelf, bitter also, but I still drank it.
    Well, the first 3/4 days I had diarrhea after trying that brand(I’m used to generic, cheap, coffee is warm and that’s what I really like)and stopped for a few days, no diarrhea….returned to Folgers and after 6 hours, diarrhea.
    I started researching it and found a site with thousands of diarrhea, nausea, dizzyness, etc. cases…attributed to Maxwell House AND Folgers. I even read cases that received a sedative-like reaction which is what also happened to me–weird.

    Anyone else??

    I am now using brewed MH bought many years ago ( probably 6 large cans) and it’s fine…no bitterness and no diarrhea.
    What is happening? with coffee??

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