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    I want to start off by saying that I am 40 years old, and a while back my folks went through a very bitter divorce, they were actually court ordered to stay out of the house that they owned together and not dispose of or do anything to any property. When it came down to it myself and 2 sisters actually hd to go over with each parent and help divid everything up, when all was said and done both parents pretty much walked away with their personal items and misc stuff. Anyway the stuff that was left behind, they both agreed to let me and my sisters have what was left or to donate , I took all of the old camping gear, and I havent touched that stuff in 8 years, well this weekend we decided that it was time to really start getting more organized and actually test things out.

    The one thing I thought was the neatest out of the stuff was the old lanterns and the old camp stove. This camp stove I can remember the old man using whenever we would go camping, I still remember the old gas cans he would bring with us. This stove hadnt been opened in years, I mean many years, it has no dents, the paint still looks great on it, and only one of the latches had a little rust on it. I opened it up and there was the shinny girlls, still looking great, we took them off and scrubbed them down, next I pulled out the fuel tank, and noticed that it was still full. I had never used it before so I was unsure how to operate it, but the thing is in such good shape that the directions were inside of it and there is also a label affixed to the lid with directions. Before I decided to light it I cleaned it checked all the knobs on it, cleaned the 3 burners up and checked everything for leaks by using an air compressor. I tested the tank and the primer pump before i connected it to the stove, the fuel smelt okay and it all worked. So I connected it to the stove pumped it 35 times, cracked the knob a little and lite the main burner and wallah, we have a very nice coleman 3 burner stove that works awesome, we even praticed cooking on it over the weekend. I found someone selling a 2 burner today on craigslist and they are asking 75 bucks for it as it is an antique, lol…I dont know the date of this thing but I do know it has to be at least 30 years old. I just have to go out and get fuel for it, i only have half a tank for it right now.

    I also tested the Lnterns, one worked with no problems same old fuel and evrything, the other one has a broken Globe. Im getting ready to order a replacement for it from coleman.

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