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    One of the areas that tends to get forgotten is our student population away from home.

    Over at, we tried to cover that area (See:” onclick=”;return false –> Special Concerns –> College Students for more information). Through ReadyMoms Alliance, we also tried to cover other areas of prepping students. If a parent knows that their child, away from home, can weather a storm while separate from the rest of the family unit, it will make concentrating on prepping the home-front a little easier, mentally. Having the distraction of an unprepared student will just add to your stress. And we can all do with a little less stress, while prepping.

    Our DD is away at college for the first time, this year. Being in the midst of a pandemic, I was stressed to get her prepared for possibly needing to fend for herself, if the Health Care facility was not available. Her college health suite was not open after 4pm and closed weekends. Students were to use local MDs and hospitals, if needed. Knowing how quickly this flu can hit, how quickly you can feel good and then be very ill and there was the possibility of large numbers of ill students and an overwhelmed health care industry, I prepared her a ‘Flu Kit’ AND a ‘Two-Week-Food-Box’.

    The Flu Kit is attached. It’s a good idea to have this any year they are in school, not just a pandemic year. It’s a good general kit for students not feeling well and away from home.

    Why two weeks of food? I wanted her to have food to sustain herself IN HER ROOM, away from other students, if necessary, in the event of a serious flu outbreak. I also wanted her to have this available for other emergency situations that may arise that made it difficult for her to get home and she had to SIP at school. The other option was if she had to house with a family in the area, they may be more prone to taking her in, knowing she had two weeks of food. OR, if she could get home, but another student could not, they could have her box and the same options of having that box. She was instructed to NOT open the box unless absolutely necessary. We duct-taped the tote securely and it’s stored under her bed, where it’s pretty difficult to get because of other stored items.

    The Two Week Food box was a challenge to build. She’s a picky eater. Most kids are so, you may have the same challenge. For the main entree, I came across these:

    (the dinners are fully cooked, 90 second heat up in mircrowave – there’s one in her room. If she has to eat them cold … then she eats them cold). They do not have a really LONG shelf life, but they will last her through the school year. I told her she can use the, give them away, whatever, at the end of the school year. She can also open the tote near the end of the school year to use up and rotate out for freshening up next year. One problem … it’s not a light box. We did have to keep the beverages out of the box. In the box there is:

      (3) Hormel ‘Completes Dinners’ (Chicken breast/potato/gravy)
      (3) Hormel ‘Completes Dinners’ (Turkey/Stuffing/gravy)
      (3) Hormel ‘Completes Dinners’ (Roast Beef/Potato/gravy)
      (3) Hormel ‘Completes Dinners’ (Beef Tips/Potato/gravy
      (6) Canned Corn (Individual serving pop top cans)
      (6) Canned Green Beans (Individual serving pop top cans)
      (6) Success Rice boil-in-a-bag *
      (3) pkg. of chicken noodle soup*
      (6) Ramen Noodles (Chicken)
      (6) Soup-Campbells Chicken & Stars w/ pop top
      (3) Dry Gravy Pkts-Chicken
      (3) Dry Gravy Pkts-Beef
      (2) Sm. Peanut Butter
      (5) Pkg. of Graham Crackers-4sheets/pkg*
      (10) Chewy Granola Bars*
      (12) Apple Sauce (Cinnamon,snack size)
      (6) Cheerios-Single serve*
      (6) Rice Krispies-SIngle Serve*
      (3) Gold Fish Crackers-Single Serve*
      ( 8 ) Teddy Graham Crackers-Single Serve*
      ( 8 ) Vanilla Frosting-to dip Teddy Grahams-Single serve*
      (2) 6pk Snickers Bars
      (1) Bag Reese Peanut Butter M&M’s
      (2) 6pk Reese Peanut Butter Cups
      (1) 12 pk. of shelf stable milk
      (15) Hot Chocolate Envelopes
      (60) Tea Bags – 3 20/pk packages*
      (6) Gatorade-32 oz bottles (had to pack in a sm. duffle bag, it made the tote too heavy. Tote was already heavy!)

    Items with * were all vacuum sealed for freshness. I made miniature labels for each package and vacuumed it into the pack for easy identification. I also printed small cooking directions for each package.

    I also included 14 each: paper plates, paper bowls, plastic knife,fork,spoon.

    She has a stock of cases of water in her room and her car is with her, where she keeps more cases.

    Her FLU KIT included:

      -N95 Masks (several styles) (with instructions on use)
      -Latex free gloves (with instructions on proper removal)
      -shower cap
      -Hand sanitizer
      -Disposable Thermometers
      -Pain Relief (Tylenol)
      -Anti Nausea
      -CDC Guidance on Home Care

    I’ve sent her, feeling that I’ve done all that I can to keep her safe & everything FITS in her room! She is only 2 hours away. I’m thinking w/ current situation, we can get her home. If not, in her room she’s got a good flu kit, a decent two-week food box, a basic first aid kit,and an additional FULL first aid duffel bag in her car!)

    Here’s the link for the College Students Flu Kit:” onclick=”;return false

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