Colville/Chewelah area meet up

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    OK all you Colville, Addy, Chewelah and close in areas, we are having our first meet up next Thursday 3/29 at the Chewelah Casino. Now I haven’t actually ever been there but the dining room is straight in and in the back. We will meet there this time but then I would like to consider the park as the weather gets nicer.

    The meet in Deer Park was a ton of fun. Everyone had things to talk about, great ideas, and great stories. And it was a really nice bunch of people. So if you are anywhere around that area come meet with us. I can’t believe that Spokane has more preppers than Stevens county.

    I am making a meet up page for Stevens county preppers and I’ll post that as soon as I get it done.

    Hope to see you all soon

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