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    I know this topic has come up before, but I couldn’t find the thread on it. Anyways, I just knew I’d have to tackle comments at check out yesterday and I sometimes get the comments from other shoppers too. :rolleyes: Now when I shop I always employ “tunnel vision” and don’t look anyone in the eyes. I have the “I’m on a mission” look so that people will leave me the heck alone. I see the looks I sometimes get and I try and steer as far away from those folks as possible. I think fellow “peeps” will just grin and keep on their way. it’s the other “I want to make a comment” folks that drive me crazy. 👿

    Unfortunately I can’t avoid the check out person. Although I do a general perusal of the checkout options before getting in line. I notice how efficient the check out person is, how long the line is, who’s in line in front of me, etc. I’m pretty good at choosing the correct line. Yesterday I got in a line that was close to being empty but the cashier was young and chatty. She had to tell me how much she hated working there and how she had 3 hours left and yada yada yada. Well, of coarse she HAD to make comments about almost every item that crossed her scanner. Ug! Sometimes I wish it was socially acceptable to say “would you please just shut the *%$#@! up and do your job!

    I bought several cases of Chefboyardee that was on sale, several cases of beer that was on sale, several boxes of dried hashbrowns, paper towel, 5 gal water bottle, etc. My cart was very full and very heavy. Anyways when I was paying (cash) she said “lemme guess…..stocking up for school?” Ummmmm, yes. The several cases of beer must’ve given it away. WTH? 😮 Actually, I already had a response in my head before I even walked up to the checkout. I’m stocking up the deer camp. Oh, she says……well that makes sense.

    Hubby likes to mess with them. If we check out with several cases of beer we’ll usually get the “you having a party?” comment. Hubby says “nope…..I’m thirsty” or “it’s been one of those weeks, ya know?” :rofl: He always has a garage full of beer. I guess he is a prepper after all! Heaven forbid he should run out of the important stuff! :shakeno:

    I don’t much enjoy shopping so when I go, I load up. I’m not a multiple trip kind of girl so I always buy a ton of stuff when I go and usually in big quantities. It’s a bit of a drive to get to a big box store so I load up when I’m there. Am I the only one that thinks about “check out” replies before even putting anything in the cart?



    My stuff is pretty low keyed so it hasn’t come up, but I like your husband’s way of handling it:

    Hubby likes to mess with them. …

    I know of one guy who says “well, if you knew what I know” but of course, that is at a military base and everybody there knows that war could happen at any minute. They also know not to take what a sergeant says too seriously (we tend to be smart alecks).

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    I tell them that I’m donating to the food pantry, which I do, but not as much as people think I do. It gets me noticed by the cashiers, but when they see me or my wife they think oh it’s that nice couple that donate all the time.
    Actually now that I’ve got more than 2 years of food in the basement, most of the large purchases ARE for the food pantry, but for a while it was useful camouflage.


    Illini Warrior

    I purposely make a grocery swing mid-week to check on the close-out items – don’t need any excuse for picking up bargains or sale items – nobody rarely asks Why? – but some clerks are jealous of the bargain $$$ …..

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