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    There are a few of us long term preppers up here in the Inland Pacific Northwest who have met up for some time and now have finished getting organized together. We are seeking others of like levels of preparations who are located well east of the Cascades to the western edges of Montana and this includes Idaho.

    For us (long term prepper) means you are preparing for a possible long term crisis event which of course would require long term (duration) of all around supplies. Not just for weeks and a month or two but possibly a year or more. Our definition of any “honest means” to measure both a persons beliefs, ability and commitments to long term prepping can be easily and quickly determined by the length of time their current supplies would last them starting today. For example a variety of good foods, ingredients to prepare these foods, needed hygiene supplies, clothing and generally all the items you personally will need to exist in the fashion you would wish to. We fully understand (and hope you do) there is so much more to surviving than guns and training. In any serious crisis event there is the hour by hour, day by day living which must be fully addressed.

    All the above also requires an in place and functioning, usable and dependable location which is not in a suburb or is grid dependent. This location must be able to provide good all season shelter, pure water, food production, security and all the basics people working together needs in place beforehand. It is to late to be addressing these requirements when the emergency arises. Ever notice concerning this that so many can “talk the talk” but so few can “walk the walk”.

    Many preppers forecast no law and order and no personal or private property ownership rights and other issues will be left standing during their view of a crisis event. They might be right to some degree but we will not allow the possible chaos of the world to dictate to our group how we must act towards each other. Therefore we would pursue decency, order and maintain all the rights we always had, have now and which we wish to see restored to our region once again. So if you find yourself fitting the criteria of already being well stocked up but still lacking a solid group of people with a secured location then this might be a fit? We believe long term preppers are seasoned and savvy enough to get the drift here and figure out there is much more to this and us than what is being posted.

    There is no real need to go into any further explanations in this posting other than to say just drop us a line.


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