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    When I lived in cities, I always always always locked my car door the second I got in the car. Since I moved to a suburban area, I got careless. The electronic lock system automatically locks the door once you start moving above 5 mph (I think), which doesn’t do you any good if you’re still in the parking space. Today I had a near brush with a car jacker. A man in his 30s, I’m guessing, opened my door and tried to yank me out of the car. He might have succeeded if I hadn’t already buckled up. I have a lifehammer gadget, which was enough to get him to let go. And I am fortunate that another man chased him off.

    So, even in a small suburb, in an open parking lot, in broad daylight, lock yer doors the minute you get in your vehicle. This experience really rattled me. I don’t know if this was a case of someone who was desperate and angry, or a drug addict, but the point is it seems like you can’t take your safe neighborhood for granted any more.

    Aunt Bee


    Glad that this didn’t become more of a situation for you; that would be an incident to certainly stick in your mind.

    Locking your car doors, immediately is a great idea, regardless of how mundane the parking lot may look.

    Years ago, when carjacking was a really big thing in So. Cal., we also learned not to stop too closely to the car in front of us, especially on freeway ramps. Seemed that that location was a favorite for quick armed robberies to occur, where you’re locked up in bumper-to-bumper traffic, unaware.

    At least you, might, be able to pull out of the lane to evade the robbery.

    Illini Warrior

    At least you, might, be able to pull out of the lane to evade the robbery.

    what you learn in urban driving is to stay back and gap a minimum of a 1/2 car length at stop lights >>> be ready to drive away – into any lane available and even up onto the sidewalk if necessary ….

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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