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    Just a quick ask here…I’m just checking something out and will explain later in the thread….
    I’m trying to keep the answers unbiased here.

    Did you last night or this AM have anything different with yourself or small children?

    Headaches of unusual origin?
    Rapid heart rate if you happen to be A-Fib or not?
    Small children awakening and not going to sleep when that not the norm and they are not currently sick?
    A dog unusually restless in bed with you or elsewhere?

    If so, please describe whatever you’d think to mention with anything like this and the time and location you are(What time zone?)

    Feel free to answer as you will…….This will either corroborate some findings or die as a wasted thread….lol.

    Please bare with me in this strange request. :crazy:

    I will definitely explain later today….thanks in advance all.


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