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    Several years ago my wife visited a sustainable farm outside of Houston. The house had a toilet which flushed into a system outside of the house and flowed down hill. At several different levels there was a catch tank where there would be plants, worms, or other materials which would digest the waste and by the time everything reached a pond at the bottom she swears that there was absolutely no odor of any human waste left and the water was clean. The owners of the farm mentioned a book which gave instructions for building such a system, and my wife seems to remember that the author was named Anne Edy. We have done a search online and can’t find any books by her, although there are some other books on composting toilets.
    Does anyone have any experience with these downhill flowing waste systems which clean the waste at several different levels organically and leave everything clean at the end? Are there any resources on how to build them or does anyone know a book by Anne Edy on the subject?

    Thanks in advance.

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