Conflicted Between Two Classics!

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    T Willy

    Ok, I have wanted a true ‘historical’ firearm for a very long time. I am currently interested in a 1940 Mauser K98 rifle at a local shop, but a friend of mine says he might be able to hook me up with a good deal on an M1 Garand. I’ve thoroughly researched either weapon and weighed the differences. The Mauser is less expensive, reliable and cheaper to shoot. The M1 however, is an American legend, but most people charge a lot for them.

    I know the Mauser rifles are VERY popular among collectors and shooters alike. I am afraid that it’ll be gone before I can find an M1 to compare it to.

    Oh, I don’t have enough money to get both. I just LOVE putting pressure on myself.

    Any ideas? Recommendations?

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