Confusing Mohave County Zoning Laws

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    My wife and I are/were considering buying acreage in the Golden Valley, Arizona area to put a manufactured home on and live in an off-grid environment to live in once I retire. We would install a septic, solar, propane, etc to meet our needs and get water from other sources such as hauling or rainwater harvesting. Well, since I like to make informed decisions, I decided to dig into the Mohave County zoning laws. I discovered that the laws state that if you put a manufactured home (defined as any mobile home built after 1976), that it must have all the electrical, plumbing, air conditioners connected, and that you must have septic installed (which I already knew and was prepared to do.) But I’m confused because how does someone connect these things when none are available? There is no water or electricity available! Can someone clarify this? I may have to call zoning and planning to find out what they say….

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