Congress really wants another american rebellion…..

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    A congress critter was stupid enough to get on the news and say “All the calls to my congressional office are bordering on harrassment……….

    WELL DUH!!! Congressperson, you were sent there to listen to the people not to your party leaders or their agenda, but ONLY WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT you to do.

    Ignore us at your own peril, you will never be seen as a hero, your healthscare scheming will never work it will bankrupt us, the people are tellign you they do not want it PERIOD but you all act like Deaf Retards in Washington D.C.

    If you do not get the message or as is apparent don’t want to hear the message WE THE PEOPLE are sending you, then out of office might be the least you recieve, people are getting closer to the do you physical harm stage now.

    Apparently Democrats learn nothing from history, they seem determined to see if they can cause another civil war or revolution. Do they not understand they will not survive it when they do, as the people will hunt them down first.

    You are traitors and the people will treat you as such and deal with you accordingly if don’t start listening, I am not threateneing as a history buff i am promising you congress, your ignorance will come back to you. :shakeno:

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