Considering a Meet-up for Central PA!

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    Hello! I know there has been a lot of interest voiced to have another PA meet up. I REALLY do like hosting these and don’t mind the work doing so, but my family time takes first preference, so it hasn’t been easy for me to get one started. I have a son still in college, who is a soccer player (goalie for LaSalle!) so, frequent visits to go to games keep us busy during the school year. Summer activities keep everyone busy. Seems like this time of the year is my best opportunity, but the weather stinks.

    Anyway … I have one probable location, another one I’d like to inquire about. I’m thinking about this and going to base attendance on the one we had a few years ago, which was 35 people. I can do February and March. It would be a full day. I would have the same format: guest speakers & lunch,with some tables of displays/local prep vendors. Any other ideas would be considered. There are local hotels very close by.

    So, if I commit to organizing, who would be interested?? -k

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