Considering Home Schooling (again)

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    We are a military family and when we lived in TX we pulled DS out in 2nd grade due to a lot of the same problems I’ve seen others post about in here- bullying, learning differences, etc. Halfway through the year I pulled my girls out as well to finish the school year and begin the following year. Then we moved to Alaska and my youngest really was struggling because she just didn’t have the attention span or the focus to let me teach her, so she had fallen behind. We wound up holding her back and having her repeat 2nd grade in the public school, now she is in third and my son is in fifth, my older daughter is in 7th, and they all are absolutely THRIVING in public this year. I did pull my son out again last school year due to extreme bullying/terrorizing going on and the teachers doing not a smear of crap about it, but we chose to put him back in public this school year as well and he’s really done amazingly well.
    My reasons for considering homeschooling again has nothing to do with the school itself, or the time they waste on trivial stupidness, or any of the other legitimate reasons I have had to pull them out in the past. However, once we move at the end of this year back to wherever it is we wind up moving, I think that between our general mistrust of any government entity at this point in time, and the simple fact that they could learn so much more as far as life skills and real world stuff by learning at home, it’s still a tough decision, simply because they ARE doing so well right now. One thing is for sure, the more the government sticks their hands in things, the more I wish I could start a private little prepper redneck school…

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