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    I live in a little town an hour from Houston and try never to leave the comforts of my town… however, doing my prepp search took me to a huge store 2.5 hours south of me – so intrigued I coerced my BGF to drive me (she is 69 I am 60) – should have taken a valium BEFORE i left the house…

    anyway, this store caters to muslims, however, the stock was russian, saudi, greek, italian, hispanic, with dates, every kind of dry and canned beans you could ever imagine, i saw stuff i have looked at on the net, tahini, wasabi, basmati rice, atta flour,,, sheeesch…. it was faciniating to say the least,

    the ppl were NOT friendly like little ole texas towns, no one smiled, everyone stared straight ahead or at their feet and the amount of scarves in the store would have made a 2nd hand store proud.

    I did “force” a client to talk to me and even though she was as fair skinned as me, she spoke no english.

    I did full up my cart with stuff I had never seen but knew I have a use for, and skedaddled outta “dodge” and kissed the ground of my BOL when I got home…

    To say I was uncomfortable would be an understatement. Yes I knew before I went what I was in for, but with my xenophobia I felt I needed to go, just once, to see what the other side of the world is like. And I dont like it.

    Sorry, but I am a redneck clinging to my religion and my guns, and I will stand my ground in my comfort zone.

    but,, again, it was fascinating.


    PS- I will continue to order my prepper stuff off the net and have it delivered…. the 300mile round trip was too much for my east texas nerves to handle…

    Oh, and I took my valium when I got home :floppytongue:

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