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    Cool vid. Thanks.

    I knew you could dip them in candle wax but I never made any and didn’t know you had to take the wax off before lighting if you make them that way.. I have many boxes of the store-bought ones in the garage. There was a place closing down a couple of years ago and had them on clearance and I bought every box he had along with some other stuff. He looked at me funny……haha


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    I bought some boxes of these wooden matches for my wood-burning stove. The box has changed and half of it notes how “green” they are now, “sourced from responsible forests”. But they failed to mention how poor the business ends of the matches have become…

    Not only do most of them not light when I strike them on normal things like the plate on the front of the wood stove or a red clay brick, some of them don’t even light when I strike them on the BOX striker strip!!! And the phosphorus tip sometimes falls off, too. Made in America… maybe China could do better? :angry:

    If you put some in a container to prep for a life-threatening situation, be sure to pick through the bunch and choose the ones with the biggest tips. And include a striker strip, for insurance.

    (At least they didn’t have the gall to put a “NEW & IMPROVED” banner on the box.)


    I started experimenting with fire at a very young age, secretly and very carefully. I was very finely tuned in to the dangers and hazards and observed adults in using it safely, and fighting it when it was doing damage, taking lives, destroying property or burning forests, and Smokey Bear was my friend. I visited the fire station my first time at about the age of 7 or 8 right after I got my first bicycle. I had a good visit with the on duty firemen and the fire chief. They showed me their living quarters at the station, equipment, clothing, fire trucks, and tools. They even demonstrated sliding down the pole from upstairs and then took me upstairs and instructed me on how to come down the pole safely and then allowed me to go down it one time. That was a thrill. Before I left, they gave me a red plastic kids toy fire hat and a pin on shirt button, and a hand out freebee home fire safety manual. My mom didn’t know about the visit until she came home from work that day and I was wearing the hat and shirt button and I handed her the safety manual. It was Summer time so she knew I did not get those things at school and had visited the station on my own. She was a single Mom and I was the “Man of the House”. Not long after that I discovered that some elderly shirt tail relatives (a couple) made their own wooden matches from the various compounds and “ingredients” which were the blank little sticks, the fuel and the igniter, which had to be mixed and applied to the sticks in stages, allowing them to dry between stages. The white tip (igniter) had a phosphorous and ground glass mixture and went on the end last. The (fuel) blue or red part went onto the clean wood first, and was composed of a sulfur compound. That was the first type of match invented in America. The husband showed me how to make them and let me make some. Paper book matches are very different in make up and are called safety matches and were designed mainly for smokers originally to fit in a shirt pocket with their cigarettes and all stayed together in the book until use and the book had a flap on it to close before striking for safety. Both types are still around and widely used today. Next post I will add some opinions, and experiences I have encountered using both types in various conditions, and any other relevant info. needed here. They are an item that should be included in everyone’s BOB or in every home for lighting candles. 🙂


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