cops and robbers

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    I have thought about this for a very long time, what are the differences? What I meen is this. I have been on a lot of prepping sights, looking for a small group or just 2 other couples that my family can maybe hang out with, any way I seem to notice most everyone either has. Or is looking for the same thing. Adds like ex officer wanted, ex military wanted, no anti government types,no ex felon’s. At first this does make sence to me, then I got to thinking about it, We don’t. Want an ex felon around because. ( once a felon always a felon ). What about the turm ( once a marine always a marine ) ?? Now, I am not anti government. At all, but I am. Anti bad government. !!! And I am not really worried about my neighbors. Nearly as much as I worry about our government, , no not the suit and tie in washington, but the military and local law enforcement that with do what they are told . Can any one say martial law. ??? Mybe u like this maybe u don’t maybe u agree maybe u don’t, but one thing is for sure. If u see me in one of those fema camps, it’s. Not because of an ex felon ,its because the military and law enforcement. Drug my lifless carcase through the gate.

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