Country Weapons vs City Weapons

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    Photon Guy

    Weapons a person might use in the country vs weapons a person might use in the city. In the country you’ve got tons of wide open space, you might live miles away from your closest neighbors or the closest utilities, shops, and services and the town you live in might have very few residents. In the city on the other hand you’re very closed in with very little space, your neighbors could be just down the hallway from you if you live in an apartment as many city dwellers do, your grocery shop, gas station, ect. might be just down the street as well as all the other shops and services and the population can number over a million. As such the weapons that a person would use in the country vs the weapons a person would use in a city would differ.

    First of all guns. In the country, rifles and shotguns. In the city, handguns. The country with its tremendous wide open spaces and very low population it makes sense that rifles and shotguns would be the way to go. If you’re shooting a bad guy you don’t have to worry about your round hitting an innocent person if it over penetrates or misses and so therefore with their much greater stopping power it would make sense to use a rifle or shotgun to stop a bad guy in the country. Also, carrying a rifle with you when you go out in the country is much less likely to cause trouble. In the city it could get you arrested but probably not in the country. Also in the country there’s farming and hunting both of which are usually done with rifles and shotguns. Obviously in the country people can and do use handguns and there’s no problem in doing so, its just that it might make sense in many situations to use a rifle or shotgun with its much greater stopping power and without the problems you would run into if you did so in the city. Now in the city you would want to use handguns since a rifle or shotgun with its much greater penetration is much more likely to hit an innocent person when being used to stop a bad guy. I can see in some situations how a shotgun might me good and effective in the city but not a rifle. With a rifle and its tremendous penetration power its much more likely to go through your apartment wall and hit your neighbor even if it goes clearly through the bad guy. Also you’re not going to be able to go around in the city with a rifle or shotgun without getting in trouble. A handgun you can carry considering you’ve got the proper qualifications to carry. In the city you’re mostly reserved to just handguns.

    Now other weapons. In the city you’re much more likely to use knives. In the country knives are usually used for utility purposes not as weapons. In the city however a knife can be a very good weapon especially if you’re trained in knife fighting. Also, tasers and pepper spray you would use in the city but probably not in the country.

    Martial arts, definitely for the city. With its much greater population and much greater density you’re much more likely to get up close and personal with the bad guys in the city than you would in the country and this would make weapons such as knives, as mentioned above, much more practical in the city than in the country but also martial arts. Also, unlike in the country there are some places in the city where you can’t have any weapons with you, guns, knives, tasers, ect. are all banned in certain areas in the city but if you’ve got training in the martial arts you’ve always got it with you. Someone here said to me that martial arts will not help me out in the sticks which is why it might not have that many uses in the country but in the city its a different story. In the city martial arts really can help you out tremendously. And in the country it would be very hard, very unlikely, and very unusual to find a dojo, a martial arts school. In the city, there are tons of dojos. You will often find over a hundred schools of martial arts in the city. So you have a much greater opportunity to learn martial arts in the city than in the country. Which is why I prefer the city.

    blue fox

    I know this is an older post but I just found it. I would agree with most of what you post here with one exception. I would prefer to use a shotgun inside an apartment instead of a handgun. I am a retired police officer and have seen cases of a 9mm handgun round penetrating the side of the house it was fired in and then penetrating the sidewall of the house next door embedding itself in the side of a recliner. for that reason a shotgun using buckshot or similar would (to me) be less likely to injure folks in another apartment or the house next door. Just my opinion based on work experiences.


    Shotgun is extremely versatile for any environment. 12 gauge or 20 gauge because the ammo is more available for these gauges.

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