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    Does anyone here use one of the online grocery coupon cutting sites? I’d like to try it but have no idea where to begin…there seems to be thousands available. Some are free, some cost money. Some talk about how the others sell your email address. I do not clip newspaper coupons but i may change this as well.

    My family is paying more for groceries and gas now than in any other time of our lives and the cost is simply out of control.
    I have learned a great deal about daily living simply by trying to “think” like a prepper in all I do. Obviously growing my own, making some items from scratch, substituting high dollar items for cheaper items are a few things I have picked up here.

    I have a Sam’s club membership, a few dollar stores close by, and an Aldi’s store not too far away. (for those that do not know, Sam’s club is one of the bulk quantity stores and Aldi’s is one of the reclimated food stores…i.e. entire cases of food that got banged up, dented, hard to sell on a normal grocers shelf.

    I have no fear of “generic” goods and there are very few items that i insist on name brand for.

    I have heard of other buyers clubs out there that are maybe not quite as main stream as a place like Sam’s or Costco. Anyone have experience with these?

    Currently I have two upright refrigerator / freezers. I do not own a box freezer of any kind and will not be getting one anytime soon So buying a half of beef or something I am not ready for.

    So does anyone use a coupon site they would like to share with me? What other ways do you guys save?
    Thanks in advance. Mikey

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