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    > A couple of us, here in Helena, MT have started a prepper book group at the Lewis and Clark County Library, Helena, in the Small Meeting Room. Group will read and critique, for practicality, plausability, etc. works of prepper fiction. Oh, and swap prepper tips, and generally get to know each other better.

    > First meeting is on: 12jun12 @ 6-9PM MDT, Helena, MT, 120 S. Last Chance Gulch (The county Library),in the Small Meeting Room. First meeting will be mainly a meet-each-other and establish-ground-rules meeting. Nominally, we will be critiquing James, Wesley Rawles book Patriots, …
    > We, the organizers, are long-time preppers who immigrated to Montana several years ago. We have been considering the idea of trying to bring together a meeting of the preppers in this region in order to increase [all of] our survivability in case of natural disasters, 11/06/12, end of the Mayan calendar, etc. Heads-up: we are pro-gun (if a person wishes), pro-faith (but your choice is your choice), and pro-self-reliance (essence of prepping!).
    > First few meetings, it will be critical to have a good turnout. Otherwise, the Library will cancel the group. So, please, consider coming out and networking at this book group.

    > Next month, on 10july12 at the same place and time, we will critique Pat Frank’s Alas, Babylon. In August, we will critique Lloyd Tackitt’s A Distant Eden.

    > Please RSVP, if possible to: capetown_bakkie@hotmail.com so we can be sure to bring enough materials for those attending.

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