Cryptocurrency for investments?

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    Is anyone out there uesing bitcoin or other cryptocurrency as a long term investment strategy? I’ve heard lots of good things about cryptocurrencies. The biggest advantages being it’s an amenity from our over reaching government. It’s supposed to be better than saving up cash money because you can spend it online and unlike cash it appears to acutely gain value over time. I’m considering investing sevral thousand in cryptocurrency. Has anyone eles tried this investment strategy? Is there a specific cryptocurrency that is doing better than others or should we invest a percentage in each of the different the cryptocurrencys? How versatile is cryptocurrency? Is it mainstream enough where you can buy most things online with it, is anyone uesing cryptocurrency as a payment method off line in the real world? Also any thoughts on weather a virtual wallet or hard keyed wallet is a better security strategy. A hard keyed wallet is basically a removable USB drive you store all your cryptocurrency on, but what if you damage or lose the drive is there away to recover the funds stored on it? How hard is it to cash out cryptocurrency for cash or precious metals and is that even something that should be done or is better just to spend that cryptocurrency on other Goods?


    Although this is an old thread, since the new forum is up and I ran across this…

    Just wrote a bit about this, as I know the crypto space well:

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