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    Uvajed this guy shows potential..

    Peter Schiff for Senate 2010


    although Blumenthol might work also..


    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Blumenthal” onclick=”window.open(this.href);return false


    Hello, my name is Rod. I am in SE CT and I would like to meet other preppers in the area. My main interests are primitive skills/woodcraft, preserving and preparing food, HAM Radio, hunting/trapping, hiking/camping/treking, shooting, farming. But my main focus for the near future is to find or set up a working HAM radio net for all preppers.


    Hi Rod, welcome!!
    Glad to see another CT Prepper.. Now if we can get together and start a group… I will be teaching my self fire starting with out matches this year. Making a Drill board and bow..


    I have done the fire drill and the hand drill but never the old fashioned flint&steel. I need to learn the wild plants much better. We can get together but a group is a little harder.


    Heck I will take what I can get.. you will find my knowledge of plants quite extensive. I have some formal teaching, Plant and Animals science Lyamn Hall Voag, but mostly I am self taught. I’m been doing this for about 40 years, or more if you count the foray’s into the fields and forests with my mom and dad for Berries,wild fruits and fish. As a very young boy I found a book called My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George and I was off. How to Stay Alive in the Woods: A Complete Guide to Food, Shelter and Self-Preservation Anywhere and many more followed not to forget all of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Euell_Gibbons” onclick=”window.open(this.href);return false books.. I then started going off on my own putting all I had read into practice. Of Course this is New England and I would probably not be as good say in AZ or CA.. But I will boast in that if I don’t know a plant it will not take me long to learn it and find it’s uses.


    Yea we have to meet. The problems I have with wild plants stem from the different appearances due to growth stages, lighting conditions, and seasonal changes. Coupled with the fact that I can not afford to be sick because I made a mistake. I am not clueless however and I believe I could survive in our woods with no stored food for an entire winter. It would not be pleasant and I would certainly leave my mark but as long as I could keep secure, healthy, and warm enough to sleep I could get by. I consider this minimal knowledge because if you are just a little bit unlucky you could lose all of your supplies and tools to a superior force after a severe breakdown. Those in a group may still be separated or defeated and left with nothing but their lives as well.


    yeah I hope it never comes to that.. I would hope to gone.. But it never hurts to learn how to stay alive in the woods.. CT has some big woods and some of the AT goes for long distances and a buch of folks with knowledge could live well off trail..


    “yeah I hope it never comes to that” That is exactly what my father used to say, then he would add:”but it might someday”. I have learned to think beforehand and train/prepare for the worst while living as others around me and try not to attract much attention. The times are changing I have to wonder how much time is left.


    “No man knows the Hour or the day” My faith teaches me that it is coming and soon.. My gut tells me that within my life time I will see that day. I’m preparing my house for it and getting my life in balance.. Paying off debt etc.. This year I will start my stocking up in full force. But from Home grown foods and things I can forage.. Making a Smoker and smoke/drying fish, meat, poultry.. Haven’t my own sources of Meats except fish.. I am not a hunter.. Don’t have it in me.. But I can garden, find food in the woods and fields and will survive if needs be. I would like to take up Archery just to have that as a skill. Not with a compound bow, but rather with a Long Bow or one that if I had to I could make. It has been done, it can be done again..


    Did you receive my PMs? There are guys on the PSG that can help you with bow building and there are books to look for, Bowers Bible I&II. I have a 45 pound recurve but it needs a new string. I picked it up at a flea market last summer. Using handmade arrows on a compound bow is dangerous so I looked and found a recurve bow.


    Hi Rod,
    I got your PM’s and tried to go to that psg site.. I need a link to subscribe I think? I got into a weird window and couldn’t make head nor tails of it. Recurves are very nice. I was looking at them also. But even used they are pricey.. I would love to learn how to make arrows and my own bow!


    About the flint and steel. Try your local Boy Scout outfitters. They used to sell flint and steel kits. Some of the Boy Scout literature used to describe how to use a bow drill to start a fire. Camping and Cooking merit badge guides also have (had) a lot of information. Another excellent source, if you can find it, is a book called Camping and Woodcraft by Horace Kephart. It was published about 1890-1910 time frame. Very good information.



    Thanks Tom,
    There is a great Outdoor world store around here somewhere that supplies the scouts. I will look into it..

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