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    Putting a stake in a date..
    I’m holding a foraging event at Tyler Mill land trust in Wallingford CT on March 20th or 21st depending on when people can make it.
    so far there will be 3 plus myself. One of the folks from New England foragers on yahoo will come so far.
    We will park in the soccer field parking area and go into the road access by the swamp. Hoping to do a general study of the area for future trips and meet folks.
    Bring your skills along and we can discuss future CT preppers meetups. My aim is once a month..

    Bruce Smith


    March 20 would be my pick. Could you list a near by street address or coordinates so my GPS has a chance?


    http://tinyurl.com/yk7fery” onclick=”window.open(this.href);return false

    Directions – NOTE: Exit 14 of I-91 does not exit onto the same road.

    Southbound (coming from Hartford): Exit 14, take left of exit onto E. Center Street, go over highway overpass, then railroad tracks, and 1/2 mile or so take right into Veterans Memorial Park, the soccer field mecca. Take an immediate right to park in the first lot which is the best place to park to get away from all the soccer traffic during most evenings.

    Northbound (coming from New Haven): Exit 14, take left of exit onto Rt. 150, take first right (there is a traffic signal). Go for about a mile and at end of road (at traffic signal), take right onto E. Center Street. Go over the highway overpass, then railroad tracks, and 1/2 mile or so take right into Veterans Memorial Park. Take immediate right to park in first lot.


    OK, so we will park and meet in the parking lot of Vietnam Veterans Memorial Park, which I guess is a soccer field and on the South Side of East Center Street approximately .5 mile Southeast from the railroad crossing. If this is correct my GPS gives Coordinates N. 41 degrees 26 minutes 12.9 seconds, W. 072 degrees 47 minutes 04.9 seconds for the center of this park.


    Sounds about right. Pretty sure 150 runs plumb dab to it thru it.
    I follow 150 to get myself to 17 and I drive right throw the soccer fields on both sides of the road.

    The Blue Trail.. Metacomet I think runs through there too. Nice trout fishing in the brook that runs through it also. Good overall area to forage..


    Sign up?

    I’m hoping someone shows.. Getting closer basically 3 weeks away on the 20th..


    I’m still going Bruce. 0800 right? If you like I can ask around a little, see if anyone on a few other forums might be interested. Let me know because I don’t want to invite folks to your party with out your knowledge.


    the more the merrier as far as I am concern Rod.. This is not my party as much as something I feel needs to be tried. The more folks we know that are preppers the more we can learn stuff. Plus I really enjoy people. (c:


    thanks we had a nice morning walk three of us did a couple of hikes. Not much out, but we found a lot of potential foraging areas..


    try 2.. April will be another try at a meet up.. it was suggested we try the Vietnam memorial field for this go round.
    Hope to see some smiley faces.. Hoping to forage fiddleheads and ramps..


    April 3rd and 24th would be the best days for me Bruce but as long as it is mornings I can try any Saturday.


    24th would be better for me..


    Foraging Meet-up and hike
    here is the link to a map to the meet up point: TIME 8:00 AM
    Hoping with the warm weather to find several wild edibles..

    Vietnam Veterans Memorial Park – Wallingford, Connecticut
    http://www.infosports.com/parks/CT/334825.html” onclick=”window.open(this.href);return false;


    OK, April 24 at 8:00 AM. I suggest we meet at the flag pole parking area where it is easy to see from the street.


    sounds good Rod and thanks Buddy..

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