Custom Fishing Pond?

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    I was not sure if this topic was better off in another section of the forums, but since it is very much fish related, I thought I would post it here in the hopes of getting some answers.

    Does anyone know how to create your own custom fish pond on your property?

    It is my intention to have ducks and geese on my property. As such, they need a pond. Granted you can always create a cheap pond or use a large plastic swimming pool, but I would like to have a real pond, complete with fish on my property.

    I would also like to have turtles, frogs, natural plantings and such to go along with it.

    In short, I want to create an artificial and functioning habitat on my land.

    Has anyone here done such a thing? I am concerned about species conservation and as such, I do not want to introduce invasive species, but instead work with what is natural to the area.

    I would also like to find out if anyone here knows how to grow your own salmon and tuna fish in captivity, say in a fish tank or if there is a way to do this, since they will obviously not survive in the wild and even if they could, I would never release them into the wild, because they might be capable of killing native species and that is a huge no-no.

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