Cutting down on Freezing

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    I have two freezers and two fridges with freezers……we also have two generators for back-up power… I have a lot of ‘stuff’ in my freezers but… here lately, I have really considered the necessity of having TWO?
    As winter came on and the thought of another major ice storm became a possibility, I have been trying to use as much of my freezer food as possible to try to cut down to ONE freezer and possibly one Fridge.

    I was thinking.. how much of the food in my freezer could I save by canning it if the power was out for any length of time? And I thought of the mad rush and the VERY hard work that would entail to try to SAVE all that food…

    As long as the S has NOT htf.. I will continue to use at least ONE freezer.. but, I/m trying very hard to use other resources to preserve our food… canning, dehydrating.. etc…
    That way at least I wont lose so MUCH food at once…
    I have also stopped buying extra ‘stuff’ that HAS to be frozen…( ok ice-cream doesnt count!)
    With that being said.. .. this year I am going to try to “can” more of my apples, peaches, corn… etc…. anything that does not HAVE to be frozen… im making a commitment to find ‘other’ ways to store them Long Term….
    Does anyone else think about this? After all in certain SHTF scenarios.. freezers will no longer be an option perhaps?.. and in order to get off the grid more.. this IS one thing I can start doing NOW….
    Your Thoughts?

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