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    Cast Iron

    I am about half way through it.

    Small family living in an apartment in NYC.

    Series of cyber attacks, possible physical attacks from Russia/China/Iran/???? at Christmas time, coinciding with a historic winter storm.

    The characters are believable. The main character could be any average joe guy and family with problems.

    His best friend is a prepper, and there are some stereotypes, it works enough to keep the story going.

    There is some dialog discussion about the Just In Time system, logistics to keep a big city going, playing it safe or taking risks, privacy, and more. Nothing too over the top browbeating, but enough to make a point.

    With the grid down, the complications compound over time, the impacts to the city unfold. Crowds of people seeking food, heat, shelter. Fires and no EMS response. No water to be had as the pumps failed or the pipes froze. Looting. Armed robbery. Neighbors trying to help each other until the supplies begin to run short.

    No laundry lists of name brand items to have on hand.

    No, as of yet, firefights with mind bending trick shots with AR15s while running.

    Good as long as it is taken from the perspective of a non-prepper, got caught up in the situation and making the best of it.

    Will post again when I finish it.

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