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    Ok since coming to this site recently,I have noticed the big concerns are the major catrastophies.What I don’t see here or on the past tv prepper shows are the basic everyday preps people do for the daily problems of storms,power outages and low incomes.Sure I get it,to prep for major problems your prepping for minor head aches also.But are yoreally?
    As A disabled person and living in Hiawatha, Iowa, the biggest thing I learn is that this town has a major power issue! It has frequant power surgesd and alot of yearly power outages!
    To combat this issue, We have implimented a storage battery with a 120V power inverter to run what we need for power,I make sure to have easy fix meals stocked up, Candles are for cooking not light! I have 3 power inverters stored, (2) 400w and a 1k watt for big items.We have radios,storm radio and plenty of batteries to run them and a mag light to boot!Knowing where your safe place is makes a huge difference and keeping a bug out bag fixed helps even though it needs updated often! When SHTF here,we are the only apt of 4 buildings with lights,fan,food and safety! My first aid traing,hazmat reading,security work and preps keep us safe at all times.If all else fails, I spent enough time in woods to hunt for food or fish!

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