Dallas emergency siren system hacked

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    Late Friday evening the Dallas emergency siren system was hacked and was set off multiple times by hackers:


    While not technically a disaster, it certainly riled things up and the 911 call centers got overloaded with more than double the usual amount of Friday night calls, but in just a few hours.

    Yet another issue to plan for…fake emergencies set off by hackers that could get the sheeple all riled up. Here’s hoping the emergency text alert system is a bit better protected…


    The Dallas emergency sirens were, shortly after this, provided with a security system to make it harder for a hacker to set them off. It should also be noted, while not mentioned in the article that a fairly large fraction of them did not go off (but I don’t know why). Even if they all had gone off, they are designed to alert people who are out and about, either on foot or with the windows rolled down on their car. They are not designed to alert people in a well insulated house, or over the sound of a stereo.

    This calls to light, three things. One is that it is possible to have false alarms, second that there could be an emergency and people don’t get alerted, and third, those who heard the sirens had no idea what the emergency was (thus the plethora of calls to 911).

    Moral of the story is obvious. The normal channels for emergency warning should be viewed as just one of many indicators we need to watch, so that we will know and react sooner, rather than later.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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