December 2018- What Did You Do to Prep This Week?

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    Starting the new month. Took the car in first thing this morning for brake job and alignment. To me, keeping vehicles maintained is an important prep.

    This afternoon, de-pooped the chicken coops, got the duck pool cleaned out and re-filled, and got a little more stuff moved into the greenhouse.

    Neighbor across the street from our back section asked permission to trap some coyotes on our back acreage. Turns out there are TWO coyote dens back there, so having him remove them is a plus. I WILL have to check with him if he has plans for the pelts. If not, son-in-law wants them to practice tanning. Seems like a win-win, to me.



    I’ve not been doing much because I had company for the past 2 weeks. And now I’m gearing up for Christmas. I make most of the gifts we give, sewing, food, and sometimes other crafty things.

    10 pints of hickory syrup made. I won’t be canning these, they will be gifts for neighbors and friends.

    Sold nothing at the consignment shop for October…:( but apparently I sold stuff in November (we get paid a month behind, after the 10th).

    Today I have to hit the sewing room and get some gifts made!

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    After Church, went and got the 12 ft. 2x4s and ridge cap for the greenhouse, as well as the additional 1x4s I needed, plus a couple of 10 ft. 2x4s for making the greenhouse door purchased. Replaced the cattle panel I had swiped from the pig pen to make “chicken Ft. Knox and wired it in today, then got the gate rigged up, so other than the shelters, the pig pens are done. After that, worked on cutting the 1x4s and getting them screwed into place between the polycarbonate panels on the inside. Also got some more of the brackets in place to hold the mister in place. Still have more work to do before the greenhouse is done, but at least have some more progress made.



    Since we couldn’t go to work today (Post was pretty much shut down since it was declared a Federal Holiday, so no access to the buildings) husband and I worked on the greenhouse. Got the vent windows in (to include cutting down the roof panels a bit so the windows would fit) and got the ridge caps on and screwed in. (Of course, I was the one up and down the ladder, and hanging over the side to reach the spots where I had to get the screws in.) After that, finished getting the mister hosing fastened in, and got the mister heads set in. Then got the corner holder for the yard tools wired in to the frame (so it wouldn’t fall over) and put the tools in. Also got the cabinet that had been in the other greenhouse (that was blown away) emptied and taken apart, then reinforced the shelves, moved it into the greenhouse, reassembled it and started putting SOME of the things back in it (the rest will need to wait until I can get some new containers to hold the small things.) Also got some “eyes” screwed in to the top to hold the hooks for the hanging planter baskets (4 of them, which are now hanging.)

    Once all of that was done, took the truck into town to get gas and to hit the grocery store for “Old Farts Day” (MY name for it…1st Wednesday of the month is “Senior Discount Day”.) Bought a little more than originally planned…Campbell’s soup was on sale for .99 per can (it’s usually 1.99), and with the Senior discount, came out to .89 per can. Husband wanted a strawberry cheesecake and Caramel Apple pie, as well as some smoked Gouda and Edam cheeses (his “reward” for helping me with the greenhouse) and grapes were .99 per pound, so got some of those for me, and the Turmeric tea I use to help with the arthritis in my hands was on sale, so stocked up. Finally, bought myself another 6 bottles of wine (also on sale.)



    Didn’t get a whole lot done this weekend, as we had a prior commitment for Saturday PM, but at least I got started on the greenhouse door. Using 2x4s for the outer part of the door then will staple aluminum screening material to the framework for when the weather is warm, and an outer solid but clear portion (removable0 for when the weather is colder. Hope to get it finished next Saturday AM, as we also have someplace to be in the afternoon.

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