Decorative water storage

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    Ok, I know that this is a no-brainer, but here is one of the things that I have done to prepare and beautify my home: I dug a koi pond. It is pretty, the waterfall is relaxing, the fish are friendly, and I have over 800 gallons of water ready for purification or for other uses at need. Add in the fish tank inside of the house and the stored water and we have almost 1000 gallons tucked away.

    When I lived in Guam I got to experience typhoon after typhoon and months of living without running water or electricity. After the first taste of that I went out and bought a large inflatable kiddie pool and set it up in my apartment whenever we had another typhoon coming in. It gave me more than enough water to bathe with and to fill my toilet.

    Has anyone looked at the WaterBOB system?;jsessionid=2D8CA65FA01855F629145D2EECE4F4C0″ onclick=”;return false
    It looks like a great idea to me, at first, because the water always leaks out of my tubs after a day or so. But that price for a single use item? If I do go about filling it before a hurricane and then don’t need it, they want me to trash it and buy another one? Why not have an easy drain, reusable system–if I wasted the first one why would I buy a second one?

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