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    Earlier today I was talking via email with a wonderful person who has become something of a sounding board and mentor to me since joining this site. The person who shall remain nameless, hopefully now knows how dear I hold their opinions on matters discussed on these boards. This site has, in the almost 3 months since joining, taken me in, welcomed me and educated me. I have taken more from this site than I will ever be able to give back. I posed a question, several days ago, to this person, a friend inasmuch as two people who have never met personally can be via internet forums, concerning the tenor of some specific posts. Their perspective tempered mine somewhat, or at least blunted my irritation and I was better able to analyze what my specific problems with the posts were and to articulate them better.

    My friend posed a counter question to me, that frankly, I hadn’t given much thought to before being asked about it. The question was whether I thought that some of the boards were running a little hot lately, in terms of edginess, tempers, disrespect, that sort of thing. I considered the last several weeks realized that there was something to the observation.

    I know that I have been more irritable with some posters of late. While I feel justified in the arguments and points I have made, I definitely could have exercised better judgement and tact at times, in expressing my own opinions on the matters being discussed. We began an exchange on possible reasons for others to behave in similar or worse fashion. My friend was of the opinion that current world events and politics have people on the edge. I do not discount that, because these things leave many with a sense of a lack of control over our own lives and people seldom care for that. However, I looked back to where I thought a good beginning point might be.

    Several weeks ago, there was a post with a controversial premise that challenged many people’s beliefs in their prepping activities and the potential outcomes of having to execute our plans out of necessity. This post generated A LOT of discussion and by the end of the thread, a lot of tempers were being exhibited. The original post, however inarticulated it may have been, challenge the bullet proof prepper belief system. People do not like to hear the truth and people generally react poorly to the truth, in my experience. From there we went onto another controversial topic, and yes I weighed in on both.

    National Geographic aired its Doomsday Preppers series and the boards lit up. Many people were disparaging, myself included, of many aspects of the show. The show gave the chance for may of us to vent our vitriol, and to what purpose?

    Since then, we have had testy and edgy responses on other threads, from what I have observed.

    What good is it to argue about religious dogma on forums such as this? Does your particular creed (LDS Members cannot answer lol) put a single grain of rice in your larder? Does another’s take a single can of food out of your pantry? Does one upmanship on quoting scripture like some pharisee of old, make your views more legitimate than anothers?

    Does my life’e experience behind a trigger give me more legitimacy to opine on a weapons system than somebody else with equal experience? No, we have the same legitimacy and it is up to our fellow members to discern what they will from our differing opinions. Snarkiness or disrespect will not aid our argument, only diminish it, despite its validity.

    We collectively need to take a deep breath and relax. There are no completely right answers and nobody has a crystal ball. We are here, rightfully, to freely and reasonably exchange ideas and to discuss issues related to prepping and homesteading. Ad hominem attacks are not on our agenda and only divide us unnecessarily.

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